Gap in your game: part 4

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16 May 2022

If there’s one gap you don’t want to leave in your game, it’s in your irons. Driving the ball 250 yards down the fairway is no use if the following shot is a wild iron miscue, and those one-putt finishes aren’t much fun if they’re just limiting the damage. You hit your irons a lot during a round, so let’s make sure you’re hitting them well.

In last week’s driver article, we mentioned a drill for making sure you hit upwards on the ball. Just to make the sport even harder, you should be doing the opposite with your irons. To help with this, we have a very handy drill for you to try.

Improve your ball striking

Push a tee into the ground about a shoe’s width behind your ball (as seen above). If you’re hitting down at impact, you won’t smash through that second tee. When you’re successful, you’ll also notice that your divots will never start before the ball. The great thing about this drill is that as you progress, you can move the tee closer to your ball for a more advanced version.

Irons for better play

We hope that drill will help your iron-play, but there’s another pretty key component we need to address: the irons themselves. And, while Titleist has been making fantastic irons for a long time, the T-Series irons are arguably the most stunning ever.

On top of their beautiful appearance, the Titleist T100-T400 irons all boast high-density tungsten and precisely-positioned centre of gravity so you can consistently find the contact we’re looking for in that drill.

Titlesit T200 irons
Titlesit T200 irons

You’ll discover that ever single iron model has different characteristics built into it depending on what benefits you’re looking for and which model you’re putting in your bag.

There’s are just a few of a wide array of irons from Titleist. The legendary club manufacturer offers irons for game improvement, elite ball striking and everything in-between, and they’re all available through us. So, feel free to swing by the pro shop and experience them for yourself.

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